APPENDIX 8

                                                                                                                       (See rules 13, 14 and 18)


             Residential Buildings and Farm Houses

(i)   Maximum floor area                   =          600.00 M2

(ii)  Maximum number of storeys       =        3 Nos +1 Parking floor wherever feasible.

Note:- The applicant may have a maximum floor area of 600.00 M2  distributed over not more than three storeys.

                  Commercial Use

(i)   Maximum floor area                  =          100.00 M2

(ii)  Maximum number of storeys     =              2 Nos.

(iii) Minimum access                       =              3.00 M

(iv)  Parking                                    =             For loading, un-loading and parking purpose suitable community parking space has to be arranged by the Shop owners.

Note:-  The applicant may have a maximum floor area of 100.00 M2  distributed  over not more than two storeys.

                  Service Industries

      (i)  Maximum floor area                       =          100.00 M2

     (ii)  Number of storeys                         =          1 No.

    (iii)  Minimum access                            =          3.00 M

    (iv)  Parking                                          =         For loading, un-loading and parking purpose   suitable community parking space shall have to be ensured by the Industrialists.

                  Public Amenities

     (i)   Maximum floor area                       =     As per requirement of the particular amenity.                                                                     

     (ii) Maximum Number of storeys          =       3 Nos.

     (iii) Minimum access                            =        3.00 M

     (iv)  Parking                                        =       @ 0.50 to 1.50 equivalent car space per 100 M2 of floor area. 

                (v) Play fields in case of                       =        0.20 Hectare to 1.60 Hectare is Educational buildings. Desirable, however, as per availability of land.

                 5. Other Imperatives

                 (i)         Structural safety and seismic proofing including soil investigation should be ensured.

                 (ii)        Attic and basement shall be counted as a storey.

                (iii)       Sloping roof shall have to be ensured.

              *(iv)     No construction shall be raised within a distance of 3.00 Metre from the edge of the roads in respect of village roads.

                (a)      No construction shall be raised within the controlled width of major District   roads.

              *(vi)   Minimum Set Back of 3.00 M from the controlled width of National Highways, State Highways and Scheduled Roads under the Himachal Pradesh Road Side Land Control Act, 1968 shall be kept.

                (vii)   Minimum Set Back of 2.00 M in front and 1.50 M in sides and rear side and from the adjoining property, Government land and 5.00 M from Forest land shall have to be maintained.


* As amended vide Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning (Amendment), Rules 2016

(viii)Adequate distance from the electric lines as per the requirement of Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Limited (HPSEB Ltd) Rules shall have to be maintained. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the competent authority shall also be required, if HT/LT line is crossing through the Scheme.

*(ix)  The applicant shall endeavor to develop the colony along the slopes of hill without much disturbance to the natural hill profile. In no case hill cut at any level shall not exceed 3.50 Metres.

  1. Provision of Rain Water Harvesting structure @ 20 Liters per M2 of roof area should be made.
  2. Septic Tank and Soak Pit should be constructed.
  3. Preference shall be given for Solar Passive Building Design.
  4. Locational attributes, aesthetics, local building material, heritage and environmental aspects should also be taken into account.


  1. Remarks :
  2. The benefit of above exemptions shall only be available to the residents and original inhabitants of the areas, who owned the property at the time of commencement of the Act and their natural heirs only and not to the persons who purchased land in rural areas.
  3.  Any person intending to carry out development activities  exempted under section 30-A of the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act, 1977 (Act No. 12 of 1977) shall give information on simple paper alongwith a copy of original jamabandi and original tatima to the concerned Panchayat before carrying out development activities. The concerned Panchayat after verifying the documents, shall grant No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the applicant under section 83-A of the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act, 1977 (Act No. 12 of 1977)  for obtaining service connections.
  4. Urban and Regional Development Plans Formulation and  Implementation (URDPFI) Guidelines, 2014 of the Government of India or the National Building Code of India shall have to be adhered to.


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